Introductions. It's what we do!

Welcome :-)

Introductions Australia (feel free to call it IntrosAU or even just IA) was conceived because someone with the ability to build and run it became lonely...

The guy's pretty apprehensive (burned before, enjoys his privacy, remembers the sad state of the online dating scene from many years ago, etc), but he's also pretty lonely by now and meeting folk online suits his work and lifestyle (more so, thanks to the govt pandemic) perhaps better than doing so out in the analogue world. So he goes looking for a half decent dating site.

And finds... nothing.

  • Broken
  • Unfinished
  • Abandoned (often, while left running)
  • Un/der managed
  • Costly
  • Pricing (or much else) never disclosed up front - must join first (signing you up makes you statistically more likely to cough up for a dumb (but important) feature once you get started)
  • Completely inconsiderate of privacy - some sites leak user data to search engines and public, some share your data with their affiliates, and some just sell it outright to anyone who'll pay...

The above is just a sample of what's wrong.

But let's not dwell on that. Let's fix it! I'm the guy mentioned above, and I still need somewhere decent online to meet people. I also have a little time, and all the resources needed to make it happen.

IntrosAU is free for mainstream use, and will remain so. No stoopid tricks or hidden traps. Some features will be available for which usage fees will be charged, but those fees won't be a concern to the kinda folk who'll want to use those features.

Complete privacy and security is absolutely paramount.

Oh - if you're an asshole here, you're not going to last long.

As of now (July 2021) the site's brand new and under much development. Mind your step :-)

If you're having any problems with the site, or are simply curious (and, presumably, at least somewhat technically inclined), the project is at our GitLab instance.